I’m Shauna! I am super excited to launch my blog which will touch on all things nails including nail health, trends, myths and truths and everything in between! So, a little background about me. I am a DMV transplant originally from Lynchburg, VA. I migrated to the area in 2005 when I enrolled at Marymount University. I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration. I went on to pursue a Masters in Business Administration at University of Phoenix.

My passion for nails started as a hobby! It’s hard to imagine that a girl who bit her nails in junior high would be making a career in the Nail Industry! It’s crazy how life works and everything comes full circle!!

Just a little bit on what I’m trying to do. How confident are you that local nails shops have your nail health as a priority? Many of us are not aware of what goes on in local nail shops. We believe what they tell us as they are the professional and should be considerate of each client when conducting business. I have found that may not always be the case. I am here to shed some light on information that may have been given that is false and hold no merit.


Stay Tuned!


5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. So happy you created this blog!!!! Nail health is extremely important and its hard to find someone who actually cares about your nail health and isn’t just trying to make money. Love this! Congratulations. #BossWomen #She.E.O.

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