Properly Removing Gel Manicures at Home

Removing Gel at Home

Hey ladies!! I know a lot of you do not want to go back to the nail shop to have a technician remove your gel manicure that has grown out after two or three weeks. Below, is a great step-by-step process that can be completed at home!

You’ll need a few items to complete this process:

  1. Pure Acetone (Amazon, Sallys Beauty Supply)
  2. Cotton Balls (Walmart-Jumbo Size)
  3. Aluminum Foil (or the individual finger clamps—Amazon-Gel Remover Clips)
  4. Buffer Block (medium to fine grit) (Amazon)
  5. Wooden Cuticle Pusher (Amazon)

Step One:

Buff the top coat off of your gel manicure. By removing the top coat you will allow the acetone to soak directly into the gel polish.

Step Two:

Rip 10 pieces of aluminum foil for each finger or have your finger clamps ready. 


Step Three:

Take the cotton ball and soak it with acetone. Place the cotton ball on the nail plate. Place the aluminum foil or your clamp over the nail plate. 

Step Four:

Allow the acetone to soak into the gel polish for 8-10 minutes. This part is vital as you do not want to scrape the gel polish off too soon. You may risk destroying your nail plate.

After about 8 or 9 minutes remove one clamp/foil to see the progress. If it looks like the picture below,  proceed to GENTLY push the gel polish off with the wooden cuticle pusher. The polish should literally fall off with a little push from the wooden pusher. If the gel does not easily come off; place the cotton ball with the clamp/foil back on the nail plate and allow it to soak for another 3-5 minutes. remove-gel-polish

Thanks for reading I hope this helps a lot of you ladies!!


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