Business vs. Personal

Most, if not all, businesses today are marketing, branding and promoting via social media. Whether it be Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, and/or Instagram etc., all of these marketing methods are great for beginner entrepreneurs as they are free to promote your brand! It is very important that you keep your personal pages, views, and thoughts separate from your business. **scrolls through IG** I’m noticing a lot of businesses, brands, and service providers using their business pages and personal pages as one.

***These are my thoughts as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry***

There are four areas I’m going to focus on when it comes to separating Business and Personal.

  1. Friends and Family
  2. Social Media Separation
  3. Business Professionalism
  4. Branding/Image Awareness

Friends and Family

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but can be made even more difficult when having family and friends who…

  1. Don’t respect your hustle
  2. Always want a discount
  3. Wants last minute appointments
  4. Doesn’t understand that appointments are set for a reason
  5. They too are customers (i.e. no special treatment)

           We always have to inform our family and friends when starting a business that it’s business and not personal. I found this to be a necessity and it was something that I did. It’s very important that you separate business and personal. No successful business will last by giving special treatment to friends and family. I have too many friends to give everyone a discount! You can’t be profitable and successful by giving discounts. My issue is with family and friends EXPECTING discounts. When you go your local nail shop, do you ask them for a discount??? *stop…think about it**…No,  because you know you aren’t getting one. So why is it “okay” for you to ask an entrepreneur who pays everything out of their pockets for a discount??? Again, it’s not personal…it’s business..MY BUSINESS.

Social Media Separation

Ahhh! social media *shakes head* lol! Social media can make or break your career. With most cell phone devices being capable of taking “screen shots”, nothing is ever really “deleted”. With that being said, I think (as an entrepreneur) it’s important to separate business and personal. For example, you should have 4 accounts, Business: IG and FB pages, Personal: IG and FB pages. Here is why: Your business page should solely be for business purposely ONLY, promoting your services, posting pictures of your work, motivational posts etc. Your personal page should be for your personal life, selfies, pictures of friends and family, loved ones, political views etc. The moment you mix you two, things could get blurred. The cons in posting personal things on your business page is that you could defer potential and current clients from requesting your services. You may have posted something that may have been offensive to a client and not even know it. If you currently only have one account for both personal and business, I suggest you separate the two. Also, It’s totally up to you if you allow your clients to follow your personal page.

Business Professionalism

It’s always important to remain professional especially when it comes to addressing things on social media. Social Media is an open platform that allows any and everyone to comment and voice their opinions, suggestions, questions and negative views. Understanding, and also learning from my mentors, that every comment doesn’t warrant a response. Your professionalism is what clients seek when looking for a new service provider, whether it be a hair stylist, nail tech etc. Not only are you promoting yourself as business, but also your brand and you do not want any negativity to be attached to you or your brand. Your job as an entrepreneur is to be professional on social media as well as in person at all times!!

I understand this is a lengthy post, but I hope it has helped current and new entrepreneurs to know the importance of separating business and personal when it comes to your business!!

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One thought on “Business vs. Personal

  1. I am just LOVING your blog! I 100% agree with this. I’ve been contemplating making a separate account for my Mary Kay business but haven’t gotten around to it just yet. I don’t post much about it since I’m trying to hustle in a more personal pursuit lol. But this is so great. It completely reassures me that it’s okay to have my business and personal accounts separate. And you’re right, friends and family that expect discounts need to understand it’s not against them. It’s really hard to pay things out of pocket and then have to slash your own profit for the sake of avoiding the word “no.”

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