Appointment Etiquette

Hey ladies!!! I want to talk to you as a Nail Technician but also as woman who has a busy life that includes all kinds of appointments.

We as women have daily appointments scheduled to remember whether its for us, our kids, parents, husbands, brunch dates with our girlfriends, or just scheduled “me” time.

As a professional who provides a service that is mandated by appointment times there are a few things as a customer you should be cognizant of when making an appointment. Now these tips are for any service and any appointment you may be making.

  • Initial appointment request:
    • Please be sure to give your name, what service you are requesting, time and date.
  • If you have current issues or anything that needs to be shared with the service provider please explain before the appointment has been confirmed. There are reasons this is important:
    • Nail Appointment: if you damaged nails, current product on your nails, want additional services in addition to what you have requested(ex. Full set…but be specific if you want length which will include tips or sculpted nail services, which will need more time included in the appointment time) If the service is not aware of these things when the appointment is set, this could impede on other appointments for that day.
    • Hair Appointment: if you are requesting a wash and curl, please be sure to specify if you want color, a trim, treatment etc. All the additional services requested at the time of the service will impede on other appointments for the day.
  • Please be aware of your personal schedule when making an appointment, allowing enough time for your service to be provided while providing top quality service.
  • Changes to your appointment time: please be considerate and do not (if you can help it) cancel or change your appointment time the day of your service. We understand that life happens, but please don’t make it an reoccurring event, where you have an emergency every time your appointment is scheduled.

Please be aware that time is being considered from both sides, you the client and me the service provider.



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