Business vs. Personal

Most, if not all, businesses today are marketing, branding and promoting via social media. Whether it be Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, and/or Instagram etc., all of these marketing methods are great for beginner entrepreneurs as they are free to promote your brand! It is very important that you keep your personal pages, views, and thoughts separateContinue reading “Business vs. Personal”

Current Trends “Dipping Powder” Systems

“Dipping Powder” The current trends right now are dipping powders and they are flooding my IG timeline. So, let’s discuss them! This post is for informational purposes only. There’s always something cutting edge and new in the nail industry that advertises a particular product is healthier than the next. I encourage you to read myContinue reading “Current Trends “Dipping Powder” Systems”

Properly Removing Gel Manicures at Home

Removing Gel at Home Hey ladies!! I know a lot of you do not want to go back to the nail shop to have a technician remove your gel manicure that has grown out after two or three weeks. Below, is a great step-by-step process that can be completed at home! You’ll need a fewContinue reading “Properly Removing Gel Manicures at Home”